Francis The Talking Mule


Francis The Talking Mule

Francis the Talking Mule (1951-56) - Code MTALKM

Relive the hilarious escapades of the delightfully funny, old army mule who just happens to talk! Donald O’Connor stars as bewildered soldier Peter Stirling, who is helped out of one tricky situation after another by the unlikeliest of heroes, his pal Francis, the smart-alecky talking mule. 6 DVDs, 520 mins.


Francis the Talking Mule (1949) - Code MTALKO

One of the most beloved family films of all time! Donald O’Connor stars as a bewildered soldier who befriends an old army mule…who happens to talk! Second Lieutenant Peter Stirling repeatedly finds
himself in a mental hospital after he tries to explain to his unbelieving superior officers that a talking animal rescued him from behind enemy lines. B&W. 1 DVD, 91 mins. 


Complete Collection: TV Series & Movie - Code MTALKP

7 DVDs, 611 mins.

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