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Instant Heart Health Answers


A strong, healthy heart for life!

Do you know the warning symptoms of coronary heart disease, a heart attack or stroke? Ever wondered if you quit smoking whether your heart attack risk goes back to normal? What’s a healthy BMI? How does a pacemaker work? With the answers to more than 1,000 questions commonly asked of surgeons, dieticians, doctors and other health-care providers, you’ll get the heart health information you need all in one place. Written in clear, conversational language to cut through any confusion, INSTANT HEART HEALTH ANSWERS puts you in charge of your heart health.


Includes: Self-assessment quiz to know your level of risk • Checklists for topics including stress factors • Action panels to help improve heart health • How to recognise the danger signs and what steps to take • Advice about diet, exercise, medication and surgical procedure


• 288 pages • 254 x 178mm • Hardcover

Instant Heart Health AnswersSKU: 0415121
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